Another Angel Series… Yep, busted!

I began this series nearly four years ago. While I admit my writing style is still evolving, Serissa begged to be out there, and her readers requested her to be as well. I am currently trying to network and meet new people in order to  support the book, and also to be involved in the now. I recognize there are many angel stories, but this one needed to be told… or so I’ve been told.

I’m not going to back down from the over saturated market for like themes. Yet, I feel I should explain how Serissa is different, because she certainly is. The angels in Serissa began as aliens. They describe themselves as beings merely from another existence, their world parallel to ours, and while they are greater beings, they’re quite like us, almost  an ancient species of humans. They have their genre based similarities, but there are no demons to fight them in this story. It is not that kind of action. This is a love story, a life story if you will, at least at first before everything goes terribly wrong.

The angels focus is more than just saving the world, it’s changing it. In their world they appreciate life as a gift and love one another endlessly, even those who are not on the side of good are accepted for creating balance. They are so evolved in their emotions, they recognize the need for companionship to survive. They only fall in love once and stay in love forever. If something were to happen to their love, they are capable of moving on without grief. They’re able to do many things. I don’t want to give away all their capabilities, some I’m sure people can easily guess, but that would spoil the story.

They are not a perfect race however, just more evolved. Everyone can make mistakes in this story, no one is better than the other. They all have their role, and in that they are special. They realize their goal is everyone’s goal. Their failure is everyone’s failure. Life is not meant to be lived alone, in love or not in love, you will always need someone to back you, someone to help you, someone to guide you, someone to believe in you.

All I ask is have faith in something more than you are familiar with, but something believable and nearly tangible.  I do believe in angels… I do… I do.

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