Author Interview with Regina Frame

Today in The Page to Page Promo’s Author Interview Series we welcome Regina Frame! Here’s Regina’s interview:

A Little on the Personal Side:

  • If you weren’t an author, what would you be?  Manager of a Medical Practice
  • What is your all-time favorite book?  Bared to you by Sylvia Day
  • What three things do you think your readers would be surprised to know about you?   I ride a motorcycle (CanAm Spyder).  I play the piano,  I donate a portion of each book sale to the Humane Society to help homeless animals.
  • What types of books do you read?  Romance, Erotica
  • What do you love most about writing? What do you not like?  I love being able to let my imagination run wild. I can do things to my fictional boyfriend that I couldn’t with my husband.  Lol !     I hate having days where I stare at a blank page and nothing comes to me until bedtime, and when that happens my mind won’t quite down!
  • When you are not writing where can you be found?  Playing with my two year old grandson,  playing with our three dogs or reading.
  • Do you have a favorite place to write?  The kitchen table. I like being in the middle of all the action.   I do my best writing with background noise, even if it’s my favorite CD.
  • Books and writing aside, what’s one of your favorite things about your life or yourself?   Love and Compassion for all animals.

A Little on the Professional Side:

  • Where do you draw your inspiration from?   That could be anything, I have a very active imagination, but if I have to pick…Music.
  • In what ways do you relate to the characters in your latest book?  I put a little bit of me in all of my books, it could be anything from something that happens in a love scene or knowing someone with an addiction.
  • Of all of the characters you have written, which has been your favorite? Why? Least favorite? Why?  I’ve only published one book so far. I would have to choose Chloe because she is kind hearted, but not naive.   My least favorite would be Allison, because she’s a conniving bitch!
  • Has there been a character that has “written itself”? Who?    I’m currently working on “With Every Beat of My Heart”  The main character in the book is similar to my niece.
  • How do you connect with your readers? (book clubs, online chats, etc)    Facebook, Online Chats, Texting, Twitter.
  • What is your thought on eBooks being the new way to read?  I love being able to download a book the minute it’s released!
  • Who is your ideal reader?  Everyone who loves romance and good sex.
  • What did it feel like to sell your first book? Do you remember where you were when you found out you had sold a book?    It was the best feeling and the scariest feeling all rolled into one.  I was working on my current novel when the message popped up.


A Little Quick Fire:

*When it comes to books*

Good Guys or Bad Guys?  I’m a sucker for a Bad Boy.

Fiction or Non-Fiction?  Fiction, because nothing that good really exists.

Handwritten or PC typed?  PC Typed

Cozy Nook or Outdoors Oasis?  If I have to chose, I would have to say…Cozy Nook.

Happily Ever After or Nail-biter?  I love both

Writing or Reading?  Writing


*When it comes to you*

Ice Cream or Cake?  Ice Cream

Chocolate or Vanilla?  Chocolate

Coffee or Tea?   Coffee

Dress Up or Dress Down?   Dress Down, I live in jeans!

Barefoot or Shoes?    Motorcycle Boots

Cook or Order Out?   Order Out.  I hate to cook.  Don’t you feel bad for my husband?


Online Presence:



Twitter: TideTown



Up to 3 of your book titles and their corresponding sell links:

1. Saving Chloe on Nook 

2. Saving Chloe on Kindle


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