Author Interview with Dominique Wilkins

Today on Page to Page Promo’s Author Interview series we welcome Dominique Wilkins! Thanks for stopping by.


A Little on the Personal Side:

  •  What three things do you think your readers would be surprised to know about you? I was the top person (only girl) in my Ford automotive maintenance class (so I can do my own repairs); I tell my husband EVERYTHING (he knows ALL of my secrets and yours too! Uh oh); I cry about something at least once a week!
  •  What do you love most about writing? What do you not like? I LOVE when a reader gets me and I often pat myself on the back, when I throw in my twists and turns; I don’t like when the book seems to drag out with unnecessary details (in real life ppl say I talk too much, so in my books, I try to “make a long story short”, then maybe I can start doing it in real life. Cut out the fat.)
  • When you are not writing where can you be found? Yacking with my Mommy or watching movies cuddled up in one bed with the family.

A Little on the Professional Side:

  • Where do you draw your inspiration from? Whenever something bothers me the most (a news report, a phone call or even my personal experience, it nags at me until I get the story out.) So, I can speak my peace and urge folks to stop hurting others!
  • In what ways do you relate to the characters in your latest book? As a young girl, in my “I Need a Little More Jesus” I was also raped and contained it, just as Giselle did…
  • What did it feel like to sell your first book? Do you remember where you were when you found out you had sold a book? Selling your first book is an adrenaline rush. It gives you the power to dance, when all the judges specifically told you not too. It boosts your esteem and your desire to sell/write more. It is a wonderful high to experience. (I actually feel that way about any of my books that sell). When I first found out I sold a book, I remember I was checking my royalty page everyday ten times a day, at home and when I saw a sale made, without my coaxing, I called my mommy, husband, friend and shouted praises to God over the rooftops for hours!!

 A Little Quick Fire:

 *When it comes to books*

Good Guys or Bad Guys? Good guys

Fiction or Non-Fiction? Fiction

Handwritten or PC typed? PC

Cozy Nook or Outdoors Oasis? Outdoors

Happily Ever After or Nail-biter? Nail -biter

Writing or Reading? Writing

*When it comes to you*

Ice Cream or Cake? Cake

Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate

Coffee or Tea? tea

Dress Up or Dress Down? Dress up

Barefoot or Shoes? Shoes

Cook or Order Out? Order Out

Online Presence:



Twitter: @AuthorDWilkins

Goodreads: Author Dominique Wilkins

Book titles and their corresponding sell links:

1) Theresa in Wonderland

2) The Bad Parent

3) 7:10

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