Author Interview with Dianne Harman + Giveaway

Today’s interview is with Dianne Harman! Welcome Dianne. Click HERE to enter the contest for a Kindle copy of Coyote in Provence!


A Little on the Personal Side: 

·         If you weren’t an author, what would you be? If I were younger, I’d probably be a chef. I love to cook and I love food. I was fortunate to be in a position when my husband was a California Senator to explore entertaining on a big scale. It wasn’t uncommon to have 20 or 30 guests in our home for a fundraiser. I usually cooked five course dinners. It was fun!

·         What do you love most about writing? What do you not like? What I love most about writing is when the characters start dictating where the book is going to go. I get a chance to read and write at the same time. What I don’t like is the interminable waiting once I’ve written the book – beta readers, editors, copyeditors, formatters. That’s when I become impatient. Probably based on wanting to write the next book!

·         Books and writing aside, what’s one of your favorite things about your life or yourself? I love to travel. Meeting people from different cultures, exploring new places, and learning about them keeps me from stagnating!

  A Little on the Professional Side: 

·      Where do you draw your inspiration from? I don’t have one place. I can be inspired when I see green growth coming up through a crack in the sidewalk. What tenacity!

·         Has there been a character that has “written itself”? Who? Slade Kelly, a private investigator, wormed his way into my books and I just love to read about him! Several of my readers have told me that he’s their favorite character and why don’t I do a series on him. He’s irascible, educated, but plays dumb, a true reprobate!!!

·         What is your thought on eBooks being the new way to read? I fought it tooth and nail. When I got my iPad I remember making a deal with my son, who also had one, that neither one of us would read on an e-book. We would continue to only read print books. I reneged. There is such ease in having a tablet. I generally have a queue on there of books I’m ready to read. It makes travelling so much easier and lighter, plus I don’t have to run to the bookstore or library when I’m out of reading material. Given the younger generation and their reliance on electronic products, I don’t see an end to e-books.

A Little Quick Fire:

*When it comes to books*

Good Guys or Bad Guys?  Bad Guys

Fiction or Non-Fiction?  Fiction

Handwritten or PC typed?  PC typed

Cozy Nook or Outdoors Oasis?  Cozy Nook

Happily Ever After or Nail-biter?  Both

Writing or Reading?  Both

 *When it comes to you*

 Ice Cream or Cake?  Ice cream

Chocolate or Vanilla?  Chocolate

Coffee or Tea?  Coffee

Dress Up or Dress Down?  Dress Down

Barefoot or Shoes?  Barefoot

Cook or Order Out?  Cook

Online Presence:





Book Titles and corresponding sell links.

1 Blue Coyote Motel

2 Tea Party Teddy

3 Coyote in Provence

214519ea0681f65d1369350248 0[1] Coyote in Provence - ebook-sm (1) - Copy

Click HERE to enter the contest for a Kindle copy of Coyote in Provence! Thanks Dianne!

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