What Inspires You To Write?

What inspires you to write? I’ve considered this topic so many times. In the end, all I come up with is it’s fun to pretend. That, I suppose, makes one question what is the joy found in pretending? Most would answer because it’s an escape, and this is where authors and readers are often met on common ground. Pretty simple if you ask me, but how do you reach the people who want to get in touch with your flavor of escape? My flavor of escape is one that takes us to a world where we live happily together, globally, not merely locally. World peace, so to speak, but it has to arrive feeling at least realistic. While this isn’t my only choice to escape, it certainly tops the list right now.

Just this week another Amber Alert was released in my home state. From my understanding, it took about two hours from the girl’s abduction to the time the alert was released. She didn’t make it, but because she was taken in front of witnesses, they did find the kidnapper. I think every single time I see something like this happen, especially in real time, that I die a little inside, and for a moment I only wish that we could change time and get to her faster. I wish someone could have saved her.

It’s the tragedies like these that inspire me, because I want to live in a world where there aren’t child killers, where each life is precious and deserves a shot at life. I’m realistic to know that we can only do so much as a community at times to prevent these incidents, but that’s why I write a different ending. That’s why I hope, even though I know I can’t change the past and I can’t bring justice to the present, that maybe somehow I’ve done my part in keeping these lost souls in my heart and mind, I do my best to remember them, even if I didn’t know them. We all do that when we share an Amber Alert, news bits, and other things online, but me, I create a world where we have the power to genuinely prevent tragedy by just being a decent human beings.

I’m just tired of the news being so depressing and loaded with headlines that only make you feel on a downward spiral. There is still good in this world, and we are still mostly good ourselves, so please take a moment and hug your little ones and be grateful for as long as possible. You never know what tomorrow holds, sometimes you don’t even know what the next half hour holds.

When you’re done with that, take a moment to remember all the little souls ripped from our world one way or another. Their lives are over, but let them not be forgotten.


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