I am fabulously horrible at writing about myself.

From the Midwest, I am a trained singer and now author. I’ve written all my life, but until the last few years never focused on the possibility of writing a novel. I started with poems and songs as a child, and grew up into some of those over the top fan fics that were so awesomely popular. Serissa is not originally a fan fiction as a lot of published works are now. Serissa began so many years back I can’t count when I thought I should write something not fan fiction and see what happens. About four years ago Serissa was born. She evolved from many ideas and concepts, and eventually wrote herself out to be what she is today.

I hope you enjoy her tale and future additions.

In addition to being an author, I’m generally a sleep-deprived, cranky mother of two children whom possess many unique traits. They’re not by any means typical children, but I figure since I tend to live my life as creatively as possible, that it’s possible I was given these children to raise as creatively as necessary.

I have a fascination for animals, travel, gardening, and other numerous random hobbies, not to leave out crafting. I don’t always have the time to commit to these with my work and writing, but I do try!

M. Cundy

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