Gabriel “Gabe” Livingston Character Profile

Gabriel “Gabe” Livingston

Age: 17 (book 1)

Hair Color: Brown, slightly shaggy, generally gelled into a clean bed-head style.

Eyes: Brown contacts on Earth. Lavendar elsewhere …

Height: 6′ Toned body, without being overly muscular.

Overall Appearance: Laid-back clothing, bordering on casual skater-boy. Dislikes tennis shoes, prefers black boot onstage and sandals offstage .Known for wearing clean, but disheveled clothes.

Personality: Generous, laid-back, and adventurous. Tends to go out of his way to help others.

Hobbies: Sleeping, singing, writing, and relaxing.


-Mother, Ari Livingston, perfumer/chemist/pharmaceutical. (Book 2)

– Father, Brynner Livingston, glass blower. (Book 2)

Position in the Story: Male lead, lead singer of the band, and the man in charge of protecting Serissa.

Do you have any questions for Gabriel? Feel free to ask her in the replies. I will pass along his thoughts to you.

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