Serissa “Sara” Moore Character Profile

Serissa Sara Moore

Age: 17 (book 1,) 18 (books 2-3)

Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde. Long, usually worn in a ponytail.

Eyes: Golden Brown w/ specks of green, bordering on Hazel.

Height: 5′ 3″ Petite w/ favorable curves.

Overall Appearance: Young for her age, sweet-faced. Underestimated beauty, naturally attractive. Has a tendency for non-brands, flip-flops, and her navy blue hoodie.

Personality: Timid and cautious in unknown situations. Spent childhood introverted. Starts to come into her own in high school becoming determined and honest, yet, still maintains some innocence that keeps her endearing.

Hobbies: Singing, writing.


-Mother, Becky Moore. Real Estate agent, single parent.

– Father, unknown. Disappeared before birth. Literally vanished.

Position in the Story: Female lead. Story follows her as she learns about her destiny and balancing a life of fame with the life she once knew, and whether that life is worth saving.

Do you have any questions for Serissa? Feel free to ask her in the replies. I will pass along her thoughts to you.

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