Trailer Script

A trailer for Serissa is in the makes. Here’s the script teaser for your enjoyment.

Being on the verge of adulthood can be the scariest part of growing up. But what’s after graduation? College … A fast-track career … Marrying a school sweetheart … Self-discovery?

What if you don’t get an option? Instead, you’re expected to follow one distinct course, and if you fail to do so, life will cease to exist. Could you follow through?

Even when it means fighting your innermost demons?

Or pairing with the boy who torments you?

When you realize we’re not alone in the universe?

And when the boy you love may not even be human?

What about when your life falls apart?

Could you piece it back together again in order to protect humanity?

The one who can, will need to be more than strong, but loving, generous, selfless, capable of seeing beyond normal thinking, and willing to sacrifice everything.

Serissa is the only one of her kind. Unknowingly torn between two worlds, she lies between the lines of good and evil possessing the one skill that can end the war before it begins. Only she didn’t gain the knowledge she was supposed to be born with, and the guardians sent to advise her are bound by their rules, forcing them to manipulate her. They’re not the only ones in her life, for where there is good there will always be an opposing force, and she will always be the tie between the two. She has no time to envision what she’ll do with her life. When it comes to future options, she will be choosing only what she can … whether to let you live or die.

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