Excerpt Of Serissa #2

The sensation overwhelms me. The audience, who had been quietly whispering to one another, softly hushes. Its tangible how one by one each mouth closes, and each set of eyes focuses directly on me. Halfway through the lyrics all eyes are on me, the silence from ahead of me is astounding. Even I feel a little mesmerized.

It’s amazing. I have control at that moment. That every word I sing is heard and taken in. People are actually watching me, maybe truly seeing me for the first time.

I stare out at them, my lips slightly turned upright in an accomplished smile. Kyle plays out the last few measures of our song. I can’t see them well, but as he removes his hands from the keys I can hear them, the entire audience. It’s startling; the applause is so loud, so concentrated I nearly jump. Incapable of taking it all in, I take my bow and hurry from stage.

Kyle joins me quickly sweeping me into his arms and off my feet, twirling me around in a tight embrace. “Told you,” he whispers into my ear, his breath warming me over before setting me down, his eyes deep, linger on mine.

‘This is it.’ I think to myself. Finally he’s going to kiss me the proper way, a celebratory kiss to seal the best night of my life. On the verge of closing my eyes and preparing to feel his lips on mine Amber’s voice rings out loudly from behind him. He looks almost relieved. ‘Damn!’

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