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Author Interview with Marcus Bleecker

Today on Page to Page Author Interview we have Marcus Bleecker! Welcome Marcus.


A Little on the Personal Side:
When you are not writing where can you be found? Making movies or television. I am about to embark on a five week television show as a director of photography covering bbq competitions down south.

Do you have a favorite place to write? The Maritime Hotel on 16th street in Manhattan. I wrote a good portion of my short story collection, Dumbo: Collected Stories there.

Books and writing aside, what’s one of your favorite things about your life or yourself?
Favorite things has gotta be my children.
A Little on the Professional Side:
Where do you draw your inspiration from?  Life.

Who is your ideal reader? One who has just enjoyed a delicious glass of Argentinian Malbec and is sans shoes.

A Little Quick Fire:
*When it comes to books*
Good Guys or Bad Guys? Bad Guys
Fiction or Non-Fiction? Non-Fiction
Handwritten or PC typed? Both
Cozy Nook or Outdoors Oasis? A Cozy Nook in an Outdoors Oasis
Happily Ever After or Nail-biter? Nail biter
Writing or Reading? Writing

*When it comes to you*
Ice Cream or Cake? Cupcakes
Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla
Coffee or Tea? Tea
Dress Up or Dress Down? I’d like to dress up but it looks like I’m trying too hard and that’s not cool I’ve heard…
Barefoot or Shoes? Barefoot
Cook or Order Out? I love cooking – probably more than most things – especially if it’s for my family – that thing – where they say you are what you eat – it turns out to actually be true!

Online Presence:
Website: marcusbleecker.com
Facebook: marcus bleecker
Twitter: @mbleex
Goodreads: marcus bleecker

Book title and corresponding sell link:
1 Dumbo: collected stories
2 marcusbleecker.com




Just a Little E-book Marketing.

Competing with thousands of e-books in the same genre is difficult, but I did. I came in #9 on the Top 100 Free downloaded books on Amazon a couple weeks ago. I advertised all over Facebook, Twitter, and a few websites. I intend to stretch that to other free promotion sites my next round, and then again to some paid ones the round after that. Trying different ideas as I go. So far I’m content with my free run. I had nearly 600 downloads in ONE day over five separate countries. I’m not entirely sure how successful that is, however, I have read many authors on their first free runs have that many downloaded over their five days stretch rather than in one day. If that’s the case I did something well. If not, I can only get better.

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Serissa – One Day FREE!

I am running two promotions right now. One I did for Twitter last night, if I could hit 300 followers, I’d release Serissa for FREE for one day. We hit it by a landslide. 368! Good job guys, I appreciate all the help. Serissa will be free on 8/14! For one day only!

The second promotion is for Likes on Facebook as well as Twitter, I’m going for 500 Likes/Followers each! All the help I can get in spreading the word. I will make Serissa free again for anyone who missed it the first time, and for any additional followers!

That being said, if you can leave an honest review if you enjoy it. Reviews can be left at Amazon.com or Goodreads. Of course not necessary, but appreciated.

Thanks for all the help, RT’s, shares, and likes!



Review From a New Review & Editing Site

Here is the review I received from a new site, A Tiger’s Tale Edits & Reviews. They are currently accepting submissions for book reviews, and even  editing services. Thanks T!

This is a book about a coming of age girl named Serissa, Sara for short, who has always been on the outside. Until suddenly her entire life is turned upside down.

After Sara and her mom move from a small town to a big city she thinks her life may actually change for once. Four years later it has. She has two best friends and and a boyfriend, the first boy she hasn’t felt awkward around.

Sara’s friends convince her to sing in the senior showcase and with her new boyfriend by her side she reluctantly agrees. Singing in front of people has always terrified her although she’s enjoyed singing quietly in the back of the choir for as long as she can remember.

When Sara’s friends decide to follow a band around the country her world suddenly changes. She finds herself questioning everything she’s ever known, her friends, her boyfriend, and her childhood bully. Who can she trust? Who really has her best interest in mind?

Over the summer, Serissa finds out what her life’s purpose is from the last person she ever expects and has to decide who she’s going to let help her achieve it.

It is well written, the storyline is fresh, and the characters are likeable. Even the bad guys make you believe they’re good.

This book is perfect for teenage girls who don’t feel like they fit in and can’t find their place in the world. It really makes you feel like you are living in her world and you will wonder what will happen next from each page.

That’s just the description to see the whole thing please visit the site and check out their services. Great turn around time! Their Facebook Page.

Need Likes, Follows, and Sharing?

bookcatYou may have seen Book Lovin’ Cat on my Facebook page recently. I saw all these fun advertisements for books, and wanted to contribute one for authors. This is my cat, and this is my graphic. You can borrow him if you like. All I ask in return is you do NOT direct link him. Please download and upload into your own FB photos for use, or upload to your blog, so on and so forth.  A link back to me is nice too, but unnecessary. (click the pic for the full size!)

I need more likes, follows, and shares myself. My numbers have grown quickly, but I need more in order to release my book Serissa for free. Serissa is a Young Adult, Romantic, Paranormal/Fantasy. You can read up on her here on the blog. She is the first in a series which so far has received only 5 Star Reviews!

My stats are as follows and what I’d like to release the book for FREE:

Twitter Follows– 184, I would like 250.

Blog Follows– 10, I would like 25, (you can even follow in email!)

Facebook Page– 53, I would like 150.

Thank you for all the current support and help. I really appreciate it, and I hope to pay everyone back with a free download soon. If you can’t wait and are a Amazon Prime member you can borrow the book for free now!