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Author Interview with Cynthia Vespia + ARC Giveaway!

On today’s Page to Page Author Interview we welcome Cynthia Vespia!


A Little on the Personal Side:

  • If you weren’t an author, what would you be?  I’d need to be doing something creative. Originally my plan was to become a graphic designer, and I still do that on a freelance basis designing everything from promotional posters to book covers. So I would’ve probably wound up in advertising or hell I want to be a rock star! That’s why I karaoke so much 😉
  • What three things do you think your readers would be surprised to know about you? Since I’m a pretty private person there’s a lot even my closest friends and family don’t know about me. But to offer up 3 things to my readers that they may not know it would be

1) I collect weapons. Mostly swords from movies. So far I have the sword from Braveheart; Troy; Xena; Conan; and Sting from LOTR.

2) I honestly enjoy listening to jazz/blues. Where 80’s rock is my first love I am diverse in my tastes and even good bluesy country can peak my interest.

3) I used to be incredibly shy and reserved in school. Growing up I was a quiet kid, which is how I found reading and writing to begin with. It wasn’t until I started competing in fitness competitions that I really broke out of my shell and that was a long time after I graduated.

  • What do you love most about writing? What do you not like? My favorite part about writing is creating characters and worlds for them to play in. I also really love hearing reader feedback. When they recount a scene or emotion to me that I had in my head when writing it that’s when it really gets my juices going.

What I don’t like, or what I find most difficult, is the marketing and promotional aspect. Don’t get me wrong, doing an interview like this is a lot of fun. And going on tours to conventions, readings, etc. is a blast! But the constant social media promotion gets tiring when you have a million other things on your plate and its honestly one of the areas that I wish I could outsource.

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