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Serissa’s Song, Soon to be Live!

Well, all my lovely readers, turns out things have just gotten REALLY strange around here. I do have some lovely news however, and I’ve also got some lacking news, but it isn’t bad news.

So, I’ll start with the more unfortunate news. I have no idea when we’ll get back to the author’s interviews . We WILL do them, at this point there’s two things that have impeded on our time here. Medical and professional. On my half you should know that the “seasonal” store I work for during the holidays, is now a permanent store. This is great for me, but it does eat away at my time. However, with the major holidays over, and inventory as of this week out of the way, I will have more time for being online and doing things outside of my normal routine, which would be… INTERVIEWS! I’m really excited to get back to this as soon as possible in the next couple of weeks.

As you noticed there was some cool news as for me being employed year round. I only work part time so that makes it a lot easier to reconcile work and hobbies, or other work such a writing!

Now for the great, amazingly tremendous news! Serissa’s Song will drop in the next 24 hours or so on Amazon. Meaning you will be able to get your hands on book two very soon! I’m beyond excited for book two, the end just tears me apart in all the right ways and I can’t keep from reading it. So, to my lovely readers, I’d love to know what you think! Reviews or message me on Facebook, and don’t forget to like the page. Many pleases and thank yous in advance. Get your downloading fingers ready!

Until the book goes live, check out and if possible please share the trailers for  both book one and two!

Friends, Fans, & Followers

Sbooktacular Month went very well. The only downside was there weren’t too many new likes on the fanpage, so I’m pushing back the contest for another month as I’ve recently had a small spike. I don’t think many people who “liked” were actually doing so for the contest, so I’m going to reconsider my advertising for it and continue it out until the end of November. Thanks for understanding.

Also, I have a public profile on Facebook now, I invite all my friends, fans, and followers to come friend me! You can do so here: http://on.fb.me/HuOnMn I’d like to keep my private and public profiles separate. If you have sent a friend request to any profile thinking it was me other than the one attached to the link, you will need to resend to this one to be accepted. I don’t add anyone who isn’t close friends or family to my private profile for reasons I’m sure everyone can understand.

I have officially given away over 1,000 books for free! I am still waiting on a handful of reviews, hoping some will come from my last giveaway, but would love if anyone would be willing to review/rate SERISSA on Amazon and/or Goodreads. Feel free to add me as a friend on Goodreads! I’m hoping to get things rolling on book two very soon, which is one reason any help with ratings and reviews would be great over the next few weeks. I’m about halfway through editing book two, and will soon send out to my editor. After that it isn’t much to revise and post to Amazon! I’m hoping mid-late November since I’m a little behind now that I had to work quite a bit at my day job recently.YAY! I’m very excited about book two after reading some of my more recent reviews, I feel like people will mostly be happy about the interaction between the characters. You wanted more of the boys, you’ll get that. You wanted Sara to really grow up, that happens.

I also pulled out of the digital attic, if you will, the first unofficial official trailer for  Serissa. It isn’t fancy by any means, but you can view it on YouTube.com

Author Interview with Cynthia Vespia + ARC Giveaway!

On today’s Page to Page Author Interview we welcome Cynthia Vespia!


A Little on the Personal Side:

  • If you weren’t an author, what would you be?  I’d need to be doing something creative. Originally my plan was to become a graphic designer, and I still do that on a freelance basis designing everything from promotional posters to book covers. So I would’ve probably wound up in advertising or hell I want to be a rock star! That’s why I karaoke so much 😉
  • What three things do you think your readers would be surprised to know about you? Since I’m a pretty private person there’s a lot even my closest friends and family don’t know about me. But to offer up 3 things to my readers that they may not know it would be

1) I collect weapons. Mostly swords from movies. So far I have the sword from Braveheart; Troy; Xena; Conan; and Sting from LOTR.

2) I honestly enjoy listening to jazz/blues. Where 80’s rock is my first love I am diverse in my tastes and even good bluesy country can peak my interest.

3) I used to be incredibly shy and reserved in school. Growing up I was a quiet kid, which is how I found reading and writing to begin with. It wasn’t until I started competing in fitness competitions that I really broke out of my shell and that was a long time after I graduated.

  • What do you love most about writing? What do you not like? My favorite part about writing is creating characters and worlds for them to play in. I also really love hearing reader feedback. When they recount a scene or emotion to me that I had in my head when writing it that’s when it really gets my juices going.

What I don’t like, or what I find most difficult, is the marketing and promotional aspect. Don’t get me wrong, doing an interview like this is a lot of fun. And going on tours to conventions, readings, etc. is a blast! But the constant social media promotion gets tiring when you have a million other things on your plate and its honestly one of the areas that I wish I could outsource.

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Author Interview with Skye Turner

A Little on the Personal Side:

1. If you weren’t an author, what would you be?

If I wasn’t an author, I’d love to own a coffeeshop/bakery. Or be a reporter. I went to school for Broadcast Journalism.

2. What three things do you think your readers would be surprised to know about you?

1- I’m terrified of anything scary. Like terrified. Like hide under the covers and cry when a horror movie is on. Once I went to a horror movie with an ex and I STILL have nightmares about it. I’m a gigantic chicken.

2- I don’t drink soda. At all. Ever.

3- I don’t reread books. I think I’ve reread like 3 books in my entire life, not counting Alluring Turmoil when I was editing.

3. Books and writing aside, what’s one of your favorite things about your life or yourself?

I have the best job in the world and my two employers call me Mommy. My babies are almost 6 and 4. I was never certain I would be able to have children due to some serious health issues and my husband and I were blessed with two of them. They are my world and not a day goes by that I’m not grateful for them. Even on the days when I want to beat my head against a wall.

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Author Interview with Jo Linsdell

Today on Page to Page Promos is author Jo Linsdell. Here’s Jo’s interview:


A Little on the Personal Side:

  • If you weren’t an author, what would you be? Definitely something creative. I’m already an illustrator in addition to being an author so I’d probably develop that career more.
  • What types of books do you read? All types. I love mystery and suspense novels but also love a good chick lit. Recently I’ve been reading a lot of non fiction books (mostly writing and marketing related). As a mum of two little boys I also read a lot of children’s books. I’m often contacted by publishers and authors with requests to review their books and so sometimes try out new genres as well as my favorites. As a writer I think it’s important to read a lot and experiment with new material.
  • When you are not writing where can you be found? With my family and friends. I love shopping, reading, baking cakes, and working out to Dance 4 on my wii. I like to watch my favorite TV shows (currently Suits, Castle, and Person of Interest) and movies.

A Little on the Professional Side:

  • Where do you draw your inspiration from? It can come from anywhere really. I’m a social media junky and often get ideas from posts I see on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.  Blog posts can also spark ideas for non fiction projects. Sometimes it’s just a quote I’ve read or a program I’ve watched on TV. For my children’s picture books, my kids inspire me a lot. For my non fiction I’m often inspired by discussions in my writers groups. For me, it’s not a problem to come up with new ideas. The hard part is picking which ones to develop.
  • How do you connect with your readers? (book clubs, online chats, etc) I live in Italy and my fan base and target audience is in other countries. This means I do most of my networking and connecting online. I use my social media profiles and pages  a lot. I also often do live events via social media like Twitter interviews, Facebook Wall Chats, and Google+ hangouts. I take part in online groups and book clubs. I also do presentations and webinars at online conferences and events. I’ve set up an account with Authorgraph.com so I can do virtual book signings and sometimes do virtual visits using Skype or Google+ hangouts.
  • What is your thought on eBooks being the new way to read? I love statistics and the stats for eBook sales prove it’s a growing market. In 2012 Amazon eBook sales increased by 70% on 2011. Although the eBook market is flattening out a bit this year (which was expected), due to the competition from Apple, Amazon have now launched Kindle MatchBook which allows customers who have bought the print version to get the kindle version for free, $0.99, $1.99 or $2.99. When it comes to eBook vs print neither one is better than the other. They both offer pro’s and con’s. Different readers have different preferences and needs. There’s space for both and it’s nice to see that retailers have realized that.

A Little Quick Fire:

*When it comes to books*

Good Guys or Bad Guys? Bad guys. They tend to have more layers to their personalities.

Fiction or Non-Fiction? Can I pick both? I’ve been reading more non fiction recently but love a good fiction.

Handwritten or PC typed? PC.

Cozy Nook or Outdoors Oasis? Cozy Nook.

Happily Ever After or Nail-biter? Happily ever after.

Writing or Reading? Again, tough one. Writing wins though.

*When it comes to you*

Ice Cream or Cake? Can I have both? I love sweet stuff.

Chocolate or Vanilla? Where ever chocolate is one of the choices, it wins. I’m a total chocoholic.

Coffee or Tea? Tea (I’m a true Brit ;))

Dress Up or Dress Down? Dress up. I always feel better when I make a bit of effort.

Barefoot or Shoes? I’m a shoeaholic.

Cook or Order Out? Given the choice, order out. It’s not always simple though as I’m celiac and so can’t eat in a lot of places.

Online Presence:

Website: http://www.JoLinsdell.com

Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/JoLinsdell

Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/JoLinsdell

Goodreads: http://www.Goodreads.com/JoLinsdell

Additional links: http://www.amazon.com/author/JoLinsdell





Book titles and their corresponding sell links:

1 Virtual Book Tours: Effective Online Book Promotion From the Comfort of Your Own Home

2 Out and About at the Zoo

3 Fairy May












Author Interview with D.C. Larson

Now on Page to Page Promos Interview Series we have D. C. Larson. Here’s D.C.’S interview:



A Little on the Personal Side:

  • If you weren’t an author, what would you be? GIGGING/RECORDING ROCK”N”ROLL GUITARIST
  • What do you love most about writing? What do you not like? LIKE: IT’S FREE.  DISLIKE: SEEING LESS-WORTHWHILE WORKS SUCCEED.
  • Do you have a favorite place to write? IN MY OWN HOME — I CAN CONTROL THE ENVIRONMENT.(TEMPERATURE, MUSIC, ETC)

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Author Interview with B.T. Clifford

Next on Page to Page Promo’s Interview Series is B.T. Clifford! Here’s B.T.’S interview:


A Little on the Personal Side:

If you weren’t an author, what would you be?
I’m assuming this is something other than what I do to pay the bills while I write. I manage a community college science lab and if I were to select a career other than writing, it would be teaching. The college is an excellent environment to work in and being a professor looks like it would be a rewarding job.

What types of books do you read?
I read a lot of nonfiction history; military, exploration, survival, they all intrigue me. My taste in fiction leans heavily toward classic literature, though I have a few favorite contemporary authors. We lost two of them very recently, Michael Crichton and Tom Clancy. Other significant favorites are William Golding and Alistair Maclean. I think it was Alistair who really made me appreciate good pacing in a novel.

When you are not writing where can you be found? If I’m not in my lab, I’m on a ball field. My youngest son plays baseball. He’s on a travel team and plays Little League so there are games or practices almost every night of the week. I love ball, but not as much as he does, and that’s as it should be I think. Here in the southwest, the baseball season starts in September and runs through May, sometimes even into June, and during those months my house revolves around baseball.

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