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Author Interview with Matthew Grawitch

New on our Page to Page interview series is Matthew Grawitch! Here’s Matthew’s interview:

A Little on the Personal Side:

  • What do you love most about writing? What do you not like?  I love the ability to craft a story, where it is going, watching as the characters develop and seeing where the next chapter will take me. Creating a base of characters with different strengths and weaknesses and different personalities is a lot of the fun, but sometimes it makes me feel a bit like I have multiple personality disorder. What I dislike most is when I hit a mental roadblock, where I can’t figure out what’s going to happen next or the chapter doesn’t seem to be flowing freely.
  • Do you have a favorite place to write?  I love writing on my porch or sitting in my recliner. If I can get comfortable somewhere, I can write. It’s the getting comfortable part that is sometimes tricky because I’ve got to find a place where I can lose myself in my story.
  • Books and writing aside, what’s one of your favorite things about your life or yourself? I have such a fulfilling life with my girls, my job, and my significant other. Lots of people are lucky if they have one or two things in their life that fulfill them or give their life meaning, but I’m lucky to have more meaningful things in my life than I probably deserve. Continue reading