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Do You Remember The Neverending Story?

neverendingstory I just introduced this movie to my thirteen-year-old niece. She’d never seen it, but it was a nice way to extend the importance of reading especially since she’s the start age of my target audience, and she’s now reading Serissa. Apparently, according to her nobody reads anymore!

Frankly, I remember watching this movie as often as I could as a child, couldn’t get enough of it. This was a classic fantasy portraying just how real books can feel when you get invested.  I’ve recently heard they are trying to remake it. How interesting could that be? I’ve read differing views on how this can help the story look more appealing and up to date, but others seem to think it should be left just where it is.

If it gives the young imagination a way to explore what reading can offer in a visual format, win-win for me. I’d love to see a new version as long as it is done well.  I haven’t read the book yet, but have recently added it to my goodreads list.

What are your thoughts? Have you read the book?  Did the old movie meet expectations or would a new one be a chance for improvement?

IMDB -New Version

Check out the book.